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Inside the shopThe Cosmic Wheel was established in 1976 by John Russo and his buddy, Chris, who is now the proud owner of Bangtail Cycles in Bozeman, Montana.

John started apprenticing at his friend’s  shop in the early 70's to learn some basic bicycle repair in preparation for a cross-country ride he was planning. After wrenching for a time at Chris' small shop in Oradell, N.J., Chris mentioned that John was a natural and they should open a larger venue as partners. A location was available in the town of Bogota, not far away- cheap rent and previously being a bike shop proved impetus enough for them to take the leap of faith. With meager funds, modest inventory from the Oradell operation, a mutual  love of bicycles and a whole lot of determination they embarked on a new adventure and "The Cosmic Wheel" was born. The name came about as a result of not wanting to be just another town inspired moniker but rather something different and special. The folk artist Donovan had recently come out with an album entitled "Cosmic Wheels" which John had been familiar with and Chris thought was awesome so it became reality. Slowly but surely they developed a loyal clientel with great service and a steadily increasing list of quality suppliers. 

Eventually Chris' wanderlust took him to the west coast, and John, not wanting to end what they worked so hard at decided to take the helm on his own and bought his partner out.

The building they were in was eventually sold and the rent began to skyrocket. Then, in 1996, at the end of John's lease the Paris Sport Bicycle Shop in Ridgefield Park became available. Having outgrown the small shop and needing to make a change John decided to buy the building and relocate. It was less than two miles from Bogota, mainting their existing customer base and exposing them to the previous clientele of Paris Sport. At three and a half times the square footage of Bogota it gave them the room they need to furthur grow their business and meet customer needs. The building needed major renovation but they were up for the task. Now, with over forty years of experience and dedication, our mission statement has remained the same- to offer the cycling community the best quality products at reasonable prices with the service guarantee that keeps customers coming back and recommending others- "EVERYONE MATTERS" it's John's mantra.

We are expert mechanics and experienced sales people that custom fit every bicycle to the customer to ensure a safe enyorable cycling experience.

We carry bikes from Cannondale, Trek, GT, Electra, Dahon, DK, Kink, Jamis, Prodeco Tech, Lynsky bikes. We also carry a wide range of accessories from in and around the bike world.

P.S. Although John Russo has helped countless riders do cross country rides he himself has never been able to. John has kept himself busy making sure YOUR bike is in top shape, ready for around town, or however far you’re Cosmic Wheels will take you!

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