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Kenda leads the way with awesome bicycle tires and tubes!Ever since 1962 Kenda has been making great tires and tubes for virtually anything that has wheels. And we're especially fond of their bicycle rubber that includes road, mountain, city, BMX, cyclocross, and even studded bicycle tires for the snow!

A large component of Kenda's success is the knowledge they've gleaned from their world-renowned racers. They've sponsored world champions the likes of John Tomac, Brian Lopes, Tinker Juarez, Eric Carter and Hans Rey. We're your Kenda headquarters!When rubber hits the road, it's the racers that will determine if a tire is good or great. And that's why you won't find just one catch-all tire but a wide selection to meet varying conditions, needs and price points.

To start, Kenda utilizes a variety of rubber compounds that when strategically placed together give you grippy, fast-rolling and durable tires. Pair good rubber with tread patterns that corner, roll and grip great and you have a winning combination. That's why Kenda's tread patterns and different rubbers run the gamut—there's a tire for every condition.Kenda bicycle tires are fast and ridden by the best!

Kenda also offers a variety of tire casings to help eliminate punctures from glass on the road or sharp rocks and thorns on the trail. And for the racer who is looking for every weight advantage, there are tires with tough and super-light casings, too.

We carry a full selection of Kenda tires and we'll help you find what you need. We also know what tires are perfect for this area. We've got the right Kenda tires for all your bikes and however you ride. Swing by the shop and we'll get you set up!

Some of our favorite Kenda Tires...

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