Selle San Marco Bicycle Saddles

Come see our excellent selection of Selle San Marco bicycle saddles!

Selle San Marco's craftsmen have been building awesome bicycle saddles since 1935. Every San Marco seat is designed for best-in-class comfort, support, fit and feel. And they are all expertly made and even styled to add a touch of class to your bicycle. That's why San Marco is the choice of so many pro teams and also why we're proud to carrMany of cycling's top riders insist on San Marco saddles!y these fine Italian seats.

Of course with a company like San Marco you would expect top-notch race seats, but did you know that they make great ones for just about every type of riding? You'll find San Marcos for triathlon, commuting, recreational riding and a sweet selection of off-road models for XC, downhill, freeride and dirt-jumping, too! Plus, retro roadies will love their vintage leather saddles! And within each category you’re sure to find the saddle that fits you and your cycling needs.

San Marco's DNA Carbon Waist rail technology means more pedaling power! With such a storied history of making super saddles, you can be sure that San Marco provides the latest and greatest seat technology. For example, their DNA Carbon Waist rails increase torsional rigidity where all the forces of the saddle come together so that you can deliver maximum power with each pedal stroke.

Research, design, engineering and production all receive equal attention from this dedicated company. Innovative materials and design ensure all seats are comfortable, durable and cutting-edge. We ride on San Marcos and encourage you to stop by the store to give your bike one of the best upgrades possible–a beautiful new San Marco saddle!