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We proudly use and carry Skratch Labs' products! Skratch Labs was born when pro cyclists secretly replaced their sponsors’ sports drinks with the mix that the founders of Skratch Labs made from scratch in their kitchens or while on the road in little French hotel rooms during the Tour de France.

In the pro ranks this earned their formula the nickname “Secret Drink Mix,” because the pros' sponsors' sports drinks were leaving them with bloating and stomach issues yet they had to pretend to use it. With Skratch Labs' mixes they felt great and performed their best even during multi-week epics like the Tour. And, now that the word has spread and the demand has grown beyond the realm of professional racing, the secret is out and you too can buy Skratch Labs' drink mixes right here.

Ride your best with Skratch Labs!

Skratch Labs' mission was, and is, to use real-world science and practice to create the very best in nutrition for cycling and exercise. Their drink mixes and recipes taste great, are made from real all-natural ingredients, flavored with genuine fruit, and are designed to optimize performance and health.

You can count on getting the exact right amount of calories and electrolytes so that the drinks are easily absorbed by your body. You rehydrate faster, feel great and ride your best. That's because the only ingredients in Skratch Labs' sports drinks is what your body loses through sweating—nothing more.

We're excited about Skratch Labs and their fresh take on hydration and nutrition. Stop by the shop and fuel up in a new and better way on your next ride with Skratch Labs!

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