Welcome Earthlings, to The Cosmic Wheel Bicycle Shop


            The Cosmic Wheel was established in 1976 by John Kevin Russo. John started apprenticing at his friend Chris's Oradel bicycle shop in the early 70's. The goal was to learn bicycle repair so he could prepare for a ride cross country.  After some time wrenching at his friends shop, with a deep admiration for John's flare for mechanical perfection, he suggested J.K.R. go out on his own.

          Chris knew of a small place in Bogota that was for rent. So in mid-1976 John finalized the lease, brought in some bike parts and got The Cosmic Wheel up and running. For twenty one years service and customer satisfaction was the priority. From the average rider, to the avid racer the desire to help has always been there. In the 70's J.K.R. managed the Shimano east coast BMX racing team. In the 80's he had his own team managed by Reaghan Monahan which had several great years in the top of the ranking for the state of N.J., plus mountain bike and road teams through the 90's. There have also been countless Ironman competitors that have come through his doors. 
Over the years J.K.R. realized two things; one was he loved bikes to the the point of being emotional and secondly was that the shop had grown up. Too small for place for where he started 21 years prior, J.K.R. made a move. Buying the building of the old Park Cycle, there was finally room to grow even more, and in a location where lots of locals bought their Paris Sports. It had it's own bicycle legacy. Hallowed halls as they say. The 1996 move to Ridgefield Park was key.  

            With expert mechanics and experienced sales people the dream has been realized.  Every bicycle is fit to the customer to ensure an enjoyable cycling experience. 40+ years of experience and dedication means we have the ability to make sure that every person is getting the best possible service with whatever they are looking for. We are a Road shop primarily but also carry Mountain, Hybrid and BMX bikes. We love every type of bike, and every type of cyclist.
 We have road rides leaving the shop and mountain rides in various places.

           The Cosmic Wheel is here to make sure YOUR bike is in top shape, ready for around the town, or however far, your Cosmic Wheels will take you!